VIRTUAL OFFICE: Full service virtual offices in New York. Mail, packages, phone, and more...

Packages and Services

Virtual Office Packages and Services

New York Address

Our New York Mailing address will provide your company with a presence in the state of NY. We are a commercial address provider located a short drive from the U.S. / Canadian border. Convenient location if an office visit is needed.

Mail Handling

Receiving and forwarding of your NY mail. Our mail handling service is a simple solution for your business address in NY. We process mail on a daily basis and provide free e-mail alerts that detail items received and items forwarded.

Package Handling

If you require receiving and forwarding of your packages as part of your daily business or items that a supplier will not ship to your country we can help. We have been handling packages in the US and Canada since 2006.

Phone Numbers

We offer a range of phone options that range from a local forwarding number, a temporary number, or toll free numbers, to a full blown virtual PBX system. You can select from our hosted solution to your own custom installation.

Enterprise level logistics for everyone!

Warehousing and distribution with immeditate pricing and integration with your e-commerce platform.

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