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Frequently Asked Questions at WaldenVirtual

A: No. We do not reuire a long term lease for our virtual office customers. We do have a standard service agreement that is required, but you can opt out of your virtual office with a written notice.
A: Yes. We can offer you signage within the building for a nominal fee. Exterior signage is available on a case by case basis. Exterior signage costs begin at $50 per month and must accompany a virtual office package.

A: No. One of the things that sets us apart is our free mail alert system. You will receive an e-mail alert whenever items arrive. The e-mail alert will include detail on the item such as sender and item type. When it is clear, we will also indicate if the item is a marketing piece, or an item that would be important to you such as a check, legal document, or tax form.

Our back office is free of charge and provides you with the ability to log in to your account on any device, from anywhere in the world. You will never have to waste the time calling your virtual office provider to know what is on hand. What sets us apart from other providers is that this back office control panel and e-mail alert system is free.

A: Mail is forwarded bi-weekly for our standard virtual office customers. If you require more frequent forwarding, we can set your plan up for weekly mail forwarding.

In addition, when a mail piece arrives you can reply to your e-mail alert and ask that the item be forwarded right away. In those cases, the item will be forwarded within 24 hours.

A: Yes. Mail can be scanned as needed. Single page items can be scanned, as needed, at no extra charge. If you require full mail scanning services, please contact us to discuss terms and pricing.
A: Yes. Our office has regular hours from 9am - 5pm Eastern time, Monday-Friday. We are available after hours (including weekends) if needed. Twenty Four hour notice is requested for evening and weekend appointments.
A: Yes. We are available to sign for mail and packages from 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday.
A: Yes. We can provide order fulfillment services. We are able to handle orders in a variety of ways with various shipping options. Please call to discuss, or fill out our fulfillment quote form today.
A: No. We are not providing a conference room at this time. However, we are affiliated with other facilities that offer low cost conference room solutions. Please call us (1-888-541-0004) to discuss your needs.
A: No. We do not provide a live reception service at this time. However, we do offer automated attendant service with our virtual PBX setup. Please contact us to (1-888-541-0004) to discuss your needs.

A: Yes, of course. We understand that there are still many merchants who do not wish to ship to other countries. In our case, our proximity to the Canadian border makes our location ideal for shipping of personal goods. In fact, we offer one-time pickup services when needed. If you have a one time item to ship, contact us to discuss your needs today. Call 1-888-541-0004.

Things get a little busy during the Christmas shopping season and we love the extra business from our one time shipment clients.

A: We accept virtually any form of payment. Heck, we have even been known to barter for services.

Our primary method of payment is via Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, or Discover. In addition, we accept checks (business or personal), money orders, PayPal, Google Checkout, and others. Contact us if you require a payment type that differs from those listed and we will be happy to work with you.

A: Yes. As long as we have your permission, we will combine items that are being shipped. This is especially important when it comes to items shipping to Canada or overseas. The savings can be enormous. There is no extra charge for repackaging of shipments as long as your items can be combined into the original package of one of your items.

A: Yes. Our office is located in a second ring suburb outside of the City of Buffalo. We are on one of the primary spoke roads coming out of Buffalo.

Since this is a commercial location, you will avoid the added surchage that many shipping companies and retailers will apply to an order that is going to a residential address.

Limited Time Offer

Free Phone Number

For a limited time, we are offering a free local phone number with our virtual office package. Usage rates apply, but you will only pay for the minutes you use.

Call 1-888-541-0004

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